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Heat Helps Bees to Find Food

In the nature around us, we often enjoy the beauty of flowers. Different flowers exhibit different signals. A recent study has revealed that a large number of flowers also generate heat, along with all the other signals that we can see.

This study has been made by a team of scientists from the University of Bristol. It is believed that this heat provides warmth that makes life possible. Also, this heat acts as sensory signposts. It helps the flowers to furnish advertisement and information for their insect pollinators. The scientists examined poppies and daisies and observed that these exhibited complex patterns of heat across their petals, echoing the colourful patterns that can be seen through naked eyes. These patterns of heat were 4-5°C warmer than rest of the flowers. The scientists produced artificial flowers with similar heat patterns, but lacking corresponding colours. Although it is difficult for humans, but the Bumblebees that visit different flowers in search of food can easily distinguish between flowers. The scientists found that the presence of various signals on flowers helps these bees in effectively searching food for themselves and their colony. Change in climate hampers this bee- flower interaction by disturbing the heat patterns.

By: Anuja Arora