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Hidden Monumental Structure Discovered in Petra

An archeological site Petra (Jordan) has again thrown-up some old monumental structures. This time a team of archeologists have found ancient structures which were hidden under the sands of Petra.


According to the research the ancient structure tells us about the ancient people’s practice. The ancient city consists of massive platforms which are around 184fts and 161fts large areas.


While elaborating on the newly discovered areas the scientists stated that the interior of these large platforms were covered with big stone-slabs. The new findings were lined with huge columns on one side with massive staircases downward to the east.


Along with large structures the archeologists have also found small structures of 28ft by 28ft of area. Apart from large structures the team has also got some ancient potteries which have been considered 2,150 years old according to the researchers.


As per the observations of the researchers the discovery of these large monumental structures has been claimed one of its kind. The study has been conducted with the help of satellites and held by Sarah Petricak and Christopher Tuttle from University of Alabama at Birmingham.