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How To Get Grade Marks In Economics?

To get good Marks in Economics, you need to develop deep understanding of economic theories, developments in the field, and applied Mathematics. Stay connected by reading newspaper and magazines like Economic Times, Financial Chronicle, to ace in your class, takes good notes; form group studies and asks for assistance if necessary.

1. Develop the understanding of economic theories, history and practice: when you start studying Economic, immerse yourself in existing academic literature on the topic. Browse your economic section in the library, read newspaper like financial chronicle or magazines like The Economist.

  • Ask your Librarian to assist you by finding the Economic Section in school.
  • Podcast creates great interest in Economic. Like, you could listen to NPR’s Planet Money.
  • Economic books that are printed for the masses are easier to understand The Naked Economist, and The Armchair Economist.

2. Watch the news:

News plays a very important role in the field of Economics. The economy is tied of political decisions, the environment, weather, and social movements. Stay up to date what is happening in the world.  

Attend on campus lectures:

Whenever prominent economists visit your campus attend his or her talks.  This will give your insight into new developments in the field. Although you acquire the knowledge might not related to your next test, you may use the example form a lecture in an essay. Whatever you learned for example demand or supply will come out in the lecture. Hearing concept and applying on practical situation will cement your knowledge.

 3. Prepare before the class :

Read all the assigned reading carefully before the class, write down new vocabulary theories, models, graphs, or measures. 

  • Read articles introduction and conclusion very carefully. Many good Economists use the introduction to outline the lecture's material. And conclusion could serve as a summary and help you see if you missed anything.
  • Plan to spend every two hour studying economic.

 4. Always sit in front of the class:

When take your economic class, try to sit in front. Your teacher will likely to see you, recognize you, and able to help you with the problem.

 5. Take good notes:

When your teacher is giving lecture, take good notes no need to copy whatever she is writing, try to craft an outline of her ideas and create a left line margin to summarize the content. Write down the important definition, similar leave a right hand’s margin for your own understanding of the topic.


By: Lakshender S. Angras

Content: https://www.wikihow.com/Get-Good-Grades-in-Economics