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Importance of History In Our Daily Lives

When we study history, we often ask many questions to our self. What is the use or relevance of studying History? Why on Earth does it matter and what happened long ago? The answer we got from the question is History is inescapable. It studies the past and the legacy of past in the present. From dead “subject” it connects things through time and encourages students to take along view of such connection.

The existence of mankind also evolved from history. To take up few examples: language we speak is inherited from the past, the societies we live in with complex culture, traditions, religions that has not been created on the spur of the moment. Technology that we use nowadays is not invented themselves. Every individual is born with special variant of an inherited genetic template. For understanding the linkages between the past and present is absolutely good basic understanding of the condition of human beings, that is why history matters. It is not useful, it is essential.

In some cases, history is integral to a good understanding of the condition of human beings that allows people to build and may as well be necessary and also to change upon the foundation. All people are living in today but have their history too.

History is the study of important events that has happened in the past in society, nation or world. It also helps us to gain knowledge about the past things around us and the world that we see it today. History is very important part of our society and human civilization.


By: Lakshender S. Angras

Content: https://www.enotes.com/homework-help/why-important-study-history-explain-your-answer-389341