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Juno Probe’s Schedule Postponed

According to NASA, their Juno Jupiter probe has been delayed because of the main engine malfunction. Now Juno Jupiter probe won't be settling into its final orbit around the giant planet. The scientists said that the Juno was programmed to fire its main engine for the final time during the probe's close Jupiter flyby on Oct. 19.

The scientists were expecting that the Juno would reduce the time it takes for the spacecraft to circle the gas giant from 53 Earth days down to 14 days. Unfortunately, the plan was scrapped due to some issues with the valves that are part of Juno's fuel pressurization system, NASA officials said.

The officials also added that two important helium check valves did not work as expected during the command sequence. These valves help in the firing of the spacecraft's main engine as per the scientists. During an interview, the researchers added that the valves should have opened in a few seconds however it took several minutes. Additionally, the scientists are aiming to better understand the issue before moving ahead with a burn of the main engine, said the officials.