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Know Your Child’s Nail Biting Habit

How many times it happens that you see your child biting his/her nails. According to the experts, there are a number of reasons responsible for this habit such as curiosity, boredom, stress relief, habit, or imitation. However, nail-biting is the most common "nervous habits," that include thumb-sucking, nose picking, hair twisting or tugging, and teeth grinding.

The experts have suggested that there are possibilities that one most likely to continue this habit into adulthood. Scientists have also conducted a research to find out why nail biting becomes a habit in children and what to do about it. The researchers stated that growing age can make children anxious. Additionally, this is the time when children develop tensions and pressures. As per the researchers, there are few techniques which parents can do that can their children address children’s anxieties and help them to cope up with this habit.

According to the experts, there is no harm in stopping children to do something wrong. In fact, the parents should try to stop the inappropriate behavior, stated the experts. However, before taking any step it is important to deal with the basic causes of the behavior and think about whether there's stress in the child's life that they need to address.



By- Priyanka Negi