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Music Will Be Removed From GTA 4 After Ten Years

The classic title being ten years old, some of the music from the game is due to be removed as a result of expired licenses. The same has been suffered by multiple Grand Theft Auto titles, as seen in San Andreas on its aluminium anniversary in 2014, and to Vice City, which celebrated ten years in 2012.

This news may leave some fans feeling a little bit nauseous, particularly those who remember that Rockstar hasn't been all that great at telling players when songs in their games are about to disappear forever.
A patch will be released to remove the files of each expired song and replace them with new ones. At this stage it is unclear whether the number of replacement songs will be equal to those removed. In the case of Grand Theft Auto 4 it seems that Rockstar has a contingency plan in place, which is to replace some of the expired songs with new songs. The statement says that a large chunk of licensed music is from the Russian station, Vladivostok FM, so the new songs could also be of the Russian pop genre. April 29 marks the ten year anniversary of the game, indicating that the licenses themselves were only designed to last as long. It is expected the songs will be replaced around that date.



By: Swati Kaushal