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New Technology to Tackle Flight Delays

NASA has developed a new technology that can tackle the issue of a flight delay. The scientists have created this technology in such a way that it can help the entire Airport system. By using this newly created tech several flights can easily land on the same runway at busy airports. Additionally, the scientists have claimed, through this mechanism the arrival timings between each aircraft will become more manageable.

The best part of this development is that it will reduce aircraft emissions while saving expensive jet fuel. With this new development, the passenger will get all opportunity in terms of regular flights and will save their time as well as per the scientists.

The airport system will also get a win-win situation as less time in the air means additional saving on expensive jet fuel. Along with these amazing benefits, the scientists have created the system in such a way that can control air traffic and can predict aircraft’s arrival times.  The whole procedure of the system is easy to manage and takes less time to predict arrival timings, added NASA scientists.