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Nine Rescued Deer Died Due to Consuming Plastic

The popular hangout spot, the Guindy National Park in Chennai has recently come under observation when nine rescued deer were found dead in the park. It has been in the various reports that they have died due to consuming plastic. As the heat is on its top the number of visitors in the park has also hiked even on weekends around 10,000 visitors were there. Although a Forest Ranger has said that this is not true as they have searched the park till the next morning when they came to know about the death of the deer, but they found nothing in the park. Even those who came here after knowing about this, they also found nothing.

In the response of the news that the deer are dying due to consuming plastic, he said that this is true that the deer population is far from safe “In case they stray, they come under attacks by dogs. Due to the shrinking spaces in the zoo, they run and hit against walls or get knocked down by vehicles while crossing the roads. However, the greatest menace is consuming plastic. At times, visitors feed them chocolate and other food from plastic covers. Chances are that the deer eats both the food and the plastic and subsequently gets poisoned,”. He further added that they have compensated the loss of 200 tress Post Vardha, by planting 250 more and the animals are being kept in the cages too.

By: Divya Thakur