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Rising Population of Blackbucks in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Forest department is planning to relocate the rising population of blackbucks. As per the plan 10 km long and 1 km wide corridor will be created by the department. The officials stated that 200 bucks will be transpose from their present habitat at the Tal Chappar Sanctuary in Churu. Over 200 blackbucks will be relocated to a village grazing field adjacent to Naguar district that is 10 km far from the recent habitat.

 According to the officials the efforts are mainly focused around huge animals such as the rhinos and tigers. The department’s head Nihal Chand Goel added that the operation is aimed to reduce the load on the sanctuary. It has been observed that the population of blackbucks has increased by 1000. To reduce the overcrowding of blackbucks the forest department has taken this initiative.

The experts have also added that the population of antelopes or blackbuck was not clear because of the insufficient official count. While explaining the plan the official added that the corridor will keep a check on the number of the animals. The plan will be executed after the consent of the villagers as per the officials.