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Roman Gold Coins Discovered in Jerusalem

Archeologists have recently found rare gold coins bearing the images of Roman Emperor Nero. The coin’s images been showcased at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte's archaeological excavations on Mount Zion in Jerusalem.


A team of archeologist, including Drs. Shimon Gibson, James Tabor, and Rafael Lewis, has announced the discovery. The scientists have claimed the uniqueness in the study. According to the study the findings are one of its kinds.


The researchers have not found something like this in the history so far claimed the scientists. These exceptional coins are usually found in personal collection however analyst is unclear about the evidence as to place of origin.


These newly discovered coins are containing images of the king as per the researchers. The gold coins were also containing the letters "EX S C", with the nearby writing "PONTIF MAX TR P III."


Through this writing the scientists came to know that about the establishment date of the coins. The identification process of these new gold coins has been done by Dr. David Jacobson from London.