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Scientists Discover Factors That Shape Sea Life

 A team of scientists guided by Dr. Hudson Pinheiro, postdoctoral Ichthyologist at the California Academy of Sciences has conducted a research. The aim of this research was to propose a new conceptual model of island biogeography for marine organisms. Marin organism is a well-known theory that explores how different processes, such as sea level fluctuations and geographic isolation influence marine species’ diversity around islands.

The scientists discovered that, despite few similarities, the forces that shape diversification and community collection on land differ from those that impact islands' marine life. The scientists stated that the sea species are better dispersers. In biology, disperser refers to both the movement of individuals (animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, etc, from their birth site to their breeding site as well as the movement from one breeding site to another.

The scientists’ also added, marine species arrive quickly around livable islands to fill available ocean niches as compare to land animals. The fast action by skilled dispersers leaves zero option for adjustment to cause species to change and fill new niches, said the scientists.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: www.sciencedaily.com