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Scientists Found Cure of Lameness at Brookmans Park

Scientists from the Royal Veterinary College have received 50 elephant feet from Zoos and Safari Parks across Europe. The scientists have been scrutinizing these dead elephant feet to find out the reasons behind lameness. As per the scientists, lameness is a common foot disease in huge mammals.

The scientists used CT scans for the research and discovered that nearly all the animals were suffering from a foot disease. Additionally, the scientists also came to the conclusion of how the disease was related to the elephant’s age and weight.

The scientists said that this study can help vets to not only diagnose and treat disease better but to also put preventative measures in place. This research is a great example that shows the clinical problems is connected to biomechanics. The scientists also added that the research will also shape the basis for further study on the effect of husbandry on musculoskeletal health in captive elephants.

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