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“Sea of Thieves” A Game Full of Adventure and Entertainment

Not only the kids but mature people too like to play adventurous games. Now a day game namely “Sea Of Thieves” is entertaining the game lovers most. It is not only played by a large number of people but also being shared with lots of other people online.

The reasons behind being the game that much popular is its story, that is full of adventure, shocks and surprises. It gives the excitement that a warrior might feel in the battlefield and a player feels during a match.It is the game where the player is sailing the open seas in search of uncharted islands and buried treasure, following the clues and studying their surrounding messages to solve them. It is also amazing to know that when the gamer encounters with other players roaming the sea it is up to him and them whether to attack or team up with them. That means they can be contacted through voice chat. At the same time if the gamer has no headset then also he can communicate non-verbally through decided symbol of friendship in ‘Sea Of Thieves’ game. A banana can also be offered to the other players. There are various ways in the game to teach lesson to a naughty pirate likemocking them and throwing buckets of sick at them until they either choose to play being nice or leave the game midway. In the other part of the game there are skellies on the islands inhabited by skeleton pirates that have advanced artificial intelligence, who can listen, eat banana and attack intelligently too.

By: AnujaArora