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Species of Beetles Affected By Managed Burns

A new research has been conducted upon how beetles bounce back from forest fires. This research highlights the piecemeal patterns of recolonization. This recolonization is seen amongst a hardy species of beetles that are regularly affected by managed burns.

The research has been conducted by Florida State University. It has been known since decades that forestry services were using prescribed burns to promote sound ecological resilience in wildfires vulnerable areas. A team of FSU researchers found variety of evidences in Florida’s Apalachicola National Forest. They used herbivorous tortoise beetle populations in the National Forest. It is that forest where management areas experience controlled burns on a three – year burn schedule. The researchers found evidence that factors like time since fire and population levels in surrounding areas can predict recolonization patterns in patches disturbed by burns.

This well researched study got published in the Journal of Animal Ecology. The survey done by researchers showed that the beetles were highly abundant on the fringes of the burn unit up to 35 months after a fire.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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