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Swaroop Rawal, An Indian Teacher Among Top 10 Finalists For Global Teacher Prize 2019

Rawal teaches at Lavad Primary School in Gujarat. She was shortlisted from around 10,000 nominations and applications across 179 countries for the annual prize. This price will be announced at the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) in Dubai next month. She is an Indian actor and life skills, teacher. Swaroop Rawal was named among the top 10 finalists of the $ 1 million Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize on Thursday. This is for her use of unique teaching methods to reach out to children across different segments of society in India.


She said that this solidifies that some very special people are noticing and celebrating the work done by teachers. She also added that given the scale of the education challenge world over, she strongly believes that every effort made in education should be celebrated and therefore she congratulates her fellow teachers; those have made to the list and also those who haven’t.


Rawal is a former Miss India and the wife of actor Paresh Rawal. She says that she went into teaching for accomplishing two goals – for helping her children to be more resilient through life skills education and for bringing new methods to teaching.


She said that she wants her children to be equipped with life skills that not only make them resilient but emotionally empowered. She wants life skills education in all schools, for all children, from all age groups.


According to the Global Teacher Prize, the teaching of Rawal has reached children on the streets, economically and socially disadvantaged children, in rural communities, as well as elite school students.


In order to reach out to them, she uses drama in education – an active, learner-centered method including group discussion, brainstorming, debate, games, song, and drawing. Her approach has had a great impact on the lives of those she has taught, preventing child marriage in Bhadbhediya and child labor in Sodvadra’s diamond polishing industry by facilitating children’s return to school. Rawal has also contributed to the understanding of teaching in India. She has become a teacher-trainer also and training over 10,000 teachers.



By: Preeti Narula