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Textbook Curriculum Is Not Sufficient – CBSE Tells Schools

Education is the primary concern of our government. In order to improvise the quality of education in India, there is need for measures and reforms at the right time. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) introduces such reforms from time to time.

Lately, CBSE has asked all schools under its affiliation to adopt and implement the learning outcomes that have been suggested by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT), from the academic session 2019- 2020. Those parameters that are in place currently for the primary school students are also being developed for the higher classes. CBSE has instructed the schools to keep up an inclusive approach when it comes to the curriculum that they are supposed to cover. CBSE has advised the schools to go beyond the curriculum defined in books and accomplish the desired levels of competency to the extent possible. Also, the schools have to put up posters at their premises that are depictive of compact learning outcomes. CBSE has stressed that the schools have to mandatorily follow the NCERT document: “Learning Outcomes at Elementary stage”, in order to ensure imparting of quality education and all round development of learners. The CBSE board circular emphasized that the schools should provide such a learning environment that allows each child to grow and progress. The students and teachers must be aware of the learning outcomes of the teaching process that they adopt. It is believed that this knowledge shall help in enhancing the learning that takes place in schools and resultantly the entire learning process will undergo improvement. The document that CBSE has asked these schools to follow and abide by also covers effective learning opportunities for all students including children with special needs. The schools must also organize a parent teacher’s meet annually wherein the parents must be made aware about the competencies of their ward. Those schools that are performing any sort of assessment, they must make sure that the assessment that they conduct is purely based upon the learning outcomes. The principals of the schools have been asked to assume pedagogical leadership of schools and assist the teachers in the effective formulation of the annual curriculum plans using pedagogical processes. Also, the schools are to necessarily conduct a three day in house training programme for all the teachers in compliance with the CBSE Affiliation Byelaws, 2018. Further, the schools have to also organize a 2 day training programme for the principal and the teachers in association with the Centres of Excellence of the CBSE. The Board has also asked the schools to share with them any other innovative practice undertaken by them.

By: Anuja Arora