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The Preparation for 70th Republic Day of India

India is celebrating its 70th Republic Day on this 26th of January, which is falling on Saturday this year. The year 2019 is been special as it marks India’s 70th Republic Day which makes a tick on one more era being completed. The Constitution of India, was formally adopted 69 years ago on January 26, 1950, which made the country a Sovereign, Republic and Democratic. The specialty of this year is Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, the President of South Africa who will be the Chief Guest of this year's Republic Day. Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently had a meeting with the South African leaders on the conference on discussion of the G20 summit held in Argentina.

The prime minister said that the President of South Africa visit as the chief guest in the country will help to cement business relationship and communication between people of the two nations. The year 2019 will also marks the 150th birth anniversary of father of the country, Mahatma Gandhi who had his special connection in relation to independence and non-violence moment with South Africa. Meanwhile was earlier cited by the source that the Donald Trump, President of the United States of America had declined India’s invitation for being the chief guest on this Republic Day, reasoning therefore a ‘crowded calendar’ on his part. The local specialty of this day is the Republic Day parade which is held at Rajpath in front of India Gate and attended by the President of India, who is named as per the Constitution, the Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Armed Forces, taking the salute from the forces. While 2019’s Republic Day parade will be featuring the women taking the forefront of the parade ceremony. It will be the first ever time in the history of the Republic day that a woman officer will be leading the Army Services Corps in the special parade. As well as the Daredevils Motorcycle Team which shows us various stunts will include a woman officer performing the art in their team. Scripting history this time, 2019 will also be the first time ever in the books of history that a woman contingent of Assam Rifles will be witnessed to take part in the parade at Rajpath.

By-Anuja Arora