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Things You Should Know About The Solar System

Solar System is made up of sun and everything that revolves around it, like planets, moon, asteroids, comets and meteoroids. It extends from sun, called sol by the ancient Romans and goes from the inner planets, thought the Asteroid Belt to the four gas giants and on to the disk-shaped Kuiper Belt and far beyond to the teardrop-shaped heliopause.
According to the scientists the edge of the solar system is about 9 miles from the sun and the heliopause lays the giant, spherical Oort Cloud, which is thought to surround the solar system.

From many years, Astronomers has followed the light that seemed to move together with stars. The Greeks named planets, meaning “wanderers”. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were known in antiquity, the invention of telescope added as Asteroid Belt Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and many of these worlds' moons.
The discovery of Eric started looking for dwarf planets, and eventually led to the International Astronomical Union revising the definition of a "planet."
Many Astronomers are now hunting for another planet in our solar planet, a true nine planet. The so-called "Planet Nine," as scientists are calling it, is about 10 times the mass of Earth and 5,000 times the mass of Pluto.

Scientist thinks our Solar System formed from a giant, rotating cloud of gas and dust known as the nebula. Most of the material was pulled towards the center of the sun.
Solar wind was so powerful that it swept away most of the lighter thing, such as hydrogen and helium, from the innermost planets leaving behind mostly small, rocky world.

The Sun
Sun is the largest object in our solar system, containing 99.8 percent of the solar system's mass. It gives most of the heat and light that makes life possible on Earth and possible elsewhere. Planets revolve around the sun in an oval shaped path called Ellipse, with sun slightly off centre of each ellipse.

Inner solar system
The inner four planets- Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars — are made up mostly of iron and rock. They are also Known as territorial or earth like planets because of their similar size and composition.
Asteroids belt are minor planets, scientist estimated that there are more than 750,000 of them with diameters larger than three-fifths of a mile (1 km) and millions of smaller asteroids.
Number of Asteroids has orbits that take them closer to the solar system that sometimes lead them to collide with Earth or the other inner planets.

By: Lakshender S Angras

Content: https://www.space.com/56-our-solar-system-facts-formation-and-discovery.html