Demerits Of Online Classes

Education News | Apr-16-2021

Demerits Of Online Classes

The year 2020 taught us a new way of living. With the emergence of coronavirus, the whole went into quarantine, and completely changed everybody’s lives. To prevent the further spread of coronavirus, India’s government declared a lockdown, due to which, all the offices and educational institutions were taken online.

 Online education, even though was a great initiative, still has some demerits attached to it. Students from schools and colleges all had to learn even the most important practical subjects through online classes. This might affect their understanding as there is a connectivity issue for the online classes. Students who live in poor network regions aren’t able to connect to the classes or sometimes get cut off in the middle of the class. Similarly, some teachers face the same issue and aren’t able to teach properly.

 A child’s main distraction from his/her studies is a phone. But if they have to study through the same phone, then there are bound to be a few distractions. Students are either distracted by notifications or OTT platforms. The ability to mute their microphones and turn off their screens allows them to do anything they want on the phone and not attend the classes.

 While in the classroom, a student and teacher have a face-to-face interaction without any glitches, but in online classes, technical glitches create huge problems for both parties. Either the teacher is not audible to the students, or the student is not able to clarify his/her doubts. Sometimes students are not able to upload their assignments or homework at the time due to technical issues and are scolded the next day.

 Earlier every parent was concerned about how the screens affect their children’s eyes. But now, they have no choice but to make their children sit in from of a screen for long hours so that they can attend classes. This has caused the children’s eyesight to weaken.

 Students and teachers have to sit at one place and take online classes one after the other. Not only does this cause acute body pains in them due to the wrong posture, but it also deteriorates their physical well-being. They are not able to get any physical activity done. In schools, children used to stay active, take walks in between classes and have PE classes to ensure their physical fitness. But at home, they ignore that aspect completely and it results in bad physical health. Thus, online classes through crucial in many ways still had some disadvantages for both the students and the teachers.

 By- Simran Raghav