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Interview with Mr. P. Bhattacharjee

Interview with Mr. P. Bhattacharjee


18 Apr, 2017

An educationist from outside and a visionary from inside- Mr. P. Bhattacharjee is a retired senior class one officer (Electrical Engineer) from DDA, New Delhi. He has a deep and varied experience in construction projects. A practicing member of the ‘theosophical society’, his vision is to contribute for creating a meaningful environment for the younger generation to enjoy living. Read the excerpt below to know more about Mr. Bhattacharjee through our correspondent Mr. Shatrujit Chauhan.

You have been a teacher and a student equally, for years now. How has the journey been like?

It has been exciting throughout. Every day is a fresh day creating value addition to my existing level of understanding towards life.

How effective is co- existence over competence. Where does the theory of “Survival of the Fittest” play a part?

Existence is a dynamic integration of multi-functional entities each component of which is competent to contribute to its evolution. ‘Survival of the Fittest’ is the hidden principle of nature which ensures the existence of the Fittest only. Nature selects and rejects automatically according to the degree of fitness of any object or event. We are fit, we exist. We do not see unfit people around.

How do you like the idea of grooming and educating students using online tools or a web- forum?

It is a very good idea provided the students are compatible with the system. Primitive students cannot be groomed using progressive mechanism. It is futile.

Effective and positive parenting appears to be a myth these days. How can we cope-up with this problem?

Who defines what a ‘myth’ is? There is no ‘effective or positive’ parenting as such. It is only parenting! Let us first identify the problem…solution will follow.

How important is it to set up think tanks dedicated towards internal yet important issues for nationwide progress?

All the arrangements are already in place but, are there any progress seen? Let us first define National Progress.

What according to you is the true essence of getting educated?

Getting educated means the subject is not a burden to the society in any way. He is competent to contribute to the national gross domestic product. He understands, being a consumer since birth, it is obligatory for him to be producer also.

You yourself have vast knowledge in multiple fields. Do you think our brains have certain limitations?

Any manifested matter has limitations. Free will is the prerogative of the un-manifest creator only.

What steps must be taken at the primary level so as to meet with world class standards of education?

The child must be exposed to an environment which will make him learn. This simulation technique is beyond the imagination of the so called educated experts. The child learns through exposure, experience and comparison, he never learns by instructions or directions.

Art and inventiveness is always given an antithetic tag while grooming a child. Don’t you think it is a significant part of education itself?

The situation has been created by unprofessional approach of the parents and elders while raising their off-springs. Parents need rigorous professional training irrespective of their status or level.

What is your vision of quality in education and skill development, how do you plan to take it forward?

Education converts a consumer into an effective producer. Professional skill is required to install such a mechanism. I am always ready to contribute objectively to the cause without any personal bias or motive.