A New Insect Species with a Triangular Head

Editorials News | Feb-07-2017

A New Insect Species with a Triangular Head

Scientists have discovered a species of an insect with a triangular head. As per the scientists, this kind of species looks alike ET-insects. It was preserved in amber, Myanmar.

The characteristics of the researched insect are uncommon that it has been kept in a new scientific arrangement. There are about over a million species of insects that has been explained and millions more, still to be discovered. However, every species of insect on Earth has been placed in only 31 orders till now.

The scientists described that small, wingless female insect most likely lived in cracks in the bark of trees. These tree grooves help these species to get mites, worms or fungi to eat.

In the context of this ET-like insect, the George Poinar said, this insect has a number of features that just don’t match those of any other insect species that has been found so far. George Poinar is the professor at Oregon State University in the U.S.

The professor said, maybe most common was a triangular head with bulging eyes with the vertex of the right triangle located at the base of the neck.

Content Source: Hindustan Times

Image: http://www.newindianexpress.com/world/2017/jan/26/new-100-million-year-old-et-like-insect-species-discovered-1563771.html

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