A New Report Tells About Pets Getting Fatter

Editorials News | Jul-01-2017

A New Report Tells About Pets Getting Fatter

In United States, about a third of pet cats and dogs are becoming overweight and obese. It is revealed by a new report that like American people is getting fatter so the same problem is with their pets. To make this report, researchers studied and collected information from about 2.5 million dogs and half a million cats.

The researchers researched at the veterinary hospital chain Banfield during 2016. The report states that the fatty pets were often not same with the highest rates of human obesity. Southern states like Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi had highest rates human obesity in nation. Oppositely, the rates of pet obesity were lower in these states.

Minnesota was the state with the highest percentage of plump pets. This state had 41 percent of dogs and 46 percent of cats obese. This report brings the picture of growing pets’ obesity into limelight.

Content: www.livescience.com

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