A New Technology Which Can Remove Carbon Dioxide From Air Is Found

Editorials News | Nov-14-2019

A New Technology Which Can Remove Carbon Dioxide From Air Is Found

According to one research a new technology has been there in the market where carbon dioxide is removed from air at any concentration level. This device can suck gas when at lower level compared to other machine which they suck gas when inn higher concentration says researchers of MIT. This device could nearly such 400 part per million gases from the atmosphere. The device was a large, battery with a stack of electrodes that absorbs carbon dioxide from air which is in the surface as it was charged up, and after that it releases the gas which would be discharged. The device was working in such a way that the fresh air would be fed up into the system and then concentrated carbon dioxide was blown out during the discharging. Whenever there happens chemical reaction at the surface of each of a stack as the battery charges at that time when the battery is discharged the device will eject pure carbon dioxide and will provide power. The most advantage of this technology is that over other carbon capture or carbon absorbing technology binary nature of the absorbents affinity to carbon dioxide said study of Sahag Voskian of MIT. According to the study, it is said that the pure carbon dioxide which is present in the air should be compressed and injected underground for long term disposal, or even made into fuel through a series of chemical and electrochemical processes. Voskian said that this system is energy efficient compared to traditional methods which is using one gigajoule of energy ton of carbon dioxide which is captured. He also said that the traditional methods have energy consumption which is between 1-10 gigajoules per ton, which would be depending on carbon dioxide concentration.

By: Vedanshi Shah

Regards: https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/gk-current-affairs/story/revolutionary-method-removes-carbon-dioxide-from-the-air-at-any-concentration-level-1613396-2019-10-28

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