A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever

Editorials News | Nov-15-2020

A Thing of Beauty Is a Joy Forever

A thing of beauty is an uber source of joy. It eradicates despondence and gloom and shields you from dejection. It wraps you in its shade when you suffer from hard times. A thing of beauty is a harbinger of hope and happiness, which soothes you with its never-ending charm.

But what exactly is this thing of beauty? Well, the answer varies from person to person. It could be the beauty of nature (as for John Keats) or beauty of an earthly maiden, Diana, (for Endymion). However, the only definition which is universally applicable, is that a thing of beauty is the one which calms your mind and fetches your inner peace in a turmoil filled world.

Imagine the wide green fields spreading 'till the horizon, an infant smiling brightly in his/her mother's arms and the night sky with twinkling stars. These mesmerize you even when you're feeling blue. The thing of beauty acts as the last resort for cheering you up at such times. It is immortal and its charisma rises with the passage of time. The dancing petunias, rabbits hopping in the forest and a brief rain shower during monsoon; all these add up to the diversity of things that comforts our mood.

Thus, it is wisely said that a beautiful thing provides unending pleasure and can change our lives. It extracts all sort of brutality and pessimism from life and casts a ray of optimism and enthusiasm over its audience. The joy delivered by them stays in our heart forever and cheers us to fight all dilemmas.

Ritisha Mittal

Bhartiya Public School