Access of Social Interaction minimizes the Response Quality

Editorials News | Oct-13-2017

Access of Social Interaction minimizes the Response Quality

It is obvious for all the living creatures to have interactions with different group of the society of their kind. They do so because they are dependent to one another for various needs. Either we talk about schools of fish, swarms of insects, to flocks of birds or any other animal, they love to live and move in groups. They feel safe in groups. They perform various activities in groups and that reflect a great sense of coordination of collective motion. But a new research has been done by Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) that revealed that the simulations show that when members limit the amount of individuals they interact with during their collective motion, the group has a higher chance of survival. Therefore, the information gathered from the behaviour of swarming animals can be applied on many problems in engineering and social sciences. It can be used in increasing the flexibility of the power grid and developing responsive groups, improving crowd mobility and spread information on social networks. It is being said that excess of social interaction create hurdle in the signals that are spread by animals in case of any danger. At the same time the signals cannot be responded in a single line means, it gets distracted. Therefore for being safe and live in a comparatively positive environment it is essential to avoid Excessive social interaction.

By: Anita Aishvarya



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