Afghan Hound Dog an Internet Sensation

Editorials News | Nov-04-2016

Afghan Hound Dog an Internet Sensation

Afghan hound dog named as Tea, has become the new internet uproar thanks to her long dark locks. Five years old Tea has grabbed all the internet-attention through her photogenic look. Tea, who has dignified poise and a withering look, has considered the world prettiest dog.

According to the social media report, this dog has all the qualities to become a social media superstar. Tea has more online fans as compare to the internet celebrities. This is not all a photo of her royally sitting on a bench was shared 1 million times. Currently, few advertising companies have also approached Tea’s owner to use her picture as their official face.

According to the reports this dog has lived a successful career along with some advertisements for dog food brands and in perfume ads. The beautiful Tea is a supermodel who is a highly decorated Sydney show dog.

However she got true fame after her recent departure when a picture of her was shared more than a million times. In the captured image she is sitting on a bench with her extraordinarily long hair. Owner Luke Kavanagh said that he didn't expect her to light up social media as she is 'far too pretty to keep at home'.