Agility Is The Requirement Of The Hour For A Computer Science Engineer

Editorials News | Apr-05-2019

Agility Is The Requirement Of The Hour For A Computer Science Engineer

In the modern world of computing, the aspirants of engineering aspirants are well-aware about the fact that how important it to adapt to the ever-changing business and industry trends of the world. With the introduction of modern technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Data Science, Blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things) and many more have transformed a lot and have changed the dynamics of industries in many ways.

Even before 2014, 61% of Computer Science graduates had full-time jobs with an average salary of $66,161. This is the highest among all the disciplines of engineering. The world has witnessed a substantial rise in the trend of technologies. This rapid change has enabled the growth in the demand for skilled employees in the industries. Nowadays, employers do not require only technical experts but all-rounders who can deliver entrepreneurial motivation and help in achieving the goals of the company or industry at large. The way of modern software industries has also changed. Nowadays, they believe in empowering everyone for achieving the agile culture, where teams are working collaboratively in a cohesive way and employees are also moving between many types of roles and organizations. All of this is helping employees to improve their personality and quality to become visionary. They can lead, collaborate, and can deliver outstanding outcomes which result in the success of the software industries.

All these qualities must be embedded in the very beginning of a CSE student career. Here, educators play a very important role, as they are the individuals who will give training to them on how they must deal or face the challenges awaiting in the real world. However, many educational institutions are still following the old traditional classroom approach for imparting education. This approach is creating an unintentional gap between academic and industry. Such freshers feel demotivated as they are not aware of the steps or ways which must be taken to overcome a challenge.

By: Preeti Narula


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