Air Pollution and Growing Health Crisis

Editorials News | Mar-01-2018

Air Pollution and Growing Health Crisis

The constantly rising pollution scenario in India, specially in the cities of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Maharashtra, are affecting the health of our children. However, in this article, we are concerned about poverty-stricken children who are born in the slums/footpath and die thereof  and there is literally no data of air quality in these areas. With no basic civic amenities in life, over and above the constantly deteriorating air quality is paving the future health-conditions of our children in a loop of uncertainties. Many diseases including acute bronchitis, chronic cough, lung infection, asthma and atopy can be associated with a variety of pollution factors. The other day, I read somewhere that the lungs of children born in highly polluted areas have smaller heads and show reduced lung function than usually.

Taking into consideration these evidences, it is high time that each and everyone of us  respond seriously towards curtailing the pollution level and make our homeland a healthy nation.

By: Subrata Dey