Alignment Of Jupiter And Saturn In The Sky

Editorials News | Aug-12-2019

Alignment Of Jupiter And Saturn In The Sky

August 9- 11, 2019 have been predicted to be 3 most beautiful nights of August. It has been speculated that during these three nights one can see an almost full moon, which will allow us to witness three glowing circles in the night sky. The Moon shall align with Jupiter and Saturn in the skies during this time. At this point of time the view of Venus and Mars is blocked by the sun, consequently this is a great opportunity to view Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon in conjunction in the beautiful sky. Starting from August 9, the Moon is said to appear in close proximity with Jupiter and Saturn. Firstly the moon shall appear close to Jupiter, later on August 11, it will be close to Saturn. Sky gazers can easlily view these celestial phenomena. The phenomenon will commence at dusk until the early hours of the morning around the world. The alignment can be witnesses untill August 11. In case one wishes to have a more detailed view, the use of telescope shall be apt for the same. Those without a telescope can also witness the event. August is the month when Jupiter and Saturn usually pop in the sky, according to EarthSky. This happens as the moon appears between Jupiter and Saturn. At this time, one can also witness an almost full moon. On Sunday night, Saturn will come closer to the moon, which will make it easier to spot it in the night. The alignment of the Moon with the two planets will lead to glowing circles in the sky. This is indeed the best time to view Jupiter, especially with a large telescope since one will be able to observe a lot of details with the help of that. Sky gazers in eastern Australia or northern New Zealand region will also be able to see an occult, which means the Moon is fully covering Saturn for some time on August 11. Those who are living in the eastern region will be able to also see Mercury during the early morning hours just before the sunrise.

By: Anuja Arora


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