All About Online Gaming

Editorials News | Apr-07-2020

All About Online Gaming

Online gaming has now turned out to be a big boss in the field of technology. New and thrilling online games have been developed and launched. It is not only private gaming companies that are interested in the development of such games. A few months ago, even we all witnessed the release of an online mobile game by Indian Air Force.

If we shift the spotlight to the pros of online gaming , then there are many of them to discuss. These games promote focus and concentration.These games even generate leadership skills and promote innovation. These games help children and youth to overcome a feeling of loneliness. If you recently had a fight with your family or your close ones then Online Games are a perfect remedy for you. Moreover, these games inculcate self-confidence and can boost your esteem. So if one is feeling low he can try these games. These games even have a special feature so that you can play with your friends, relatives, cousins who are distantly located. So these games help you to cross the physical boundaries and you can enjoy playing with your loved ones. So they help to morally discover one’s skills. These games help to induce excitement while you are feeling low. So these games are a perfect match for you if you are free and have mobile data on your mobile phone. There was a point of time when we used to play that snake-like game on Nokia 3310, moreover, the new handsets have been developed and new games have been developed. Jokingly, even these games are a greed-trap as parents cajole their children in the vicinity of mobile games. Often you can hear young parents say, “Eat the green stuff only then you can play on your favorite online game”.

When it comes to cons then they overshadow all the benefits of online gaming. Usually, children compromise their health with online gaming. They spend prolonged hours on their mobile phones without any break. This leads to anxiety and depression. We have heard that many children and teenagers commit suicide as they suffer from the same problem. Parents could not afford the loss of academic studies in the vicinity of mobile games, this might be a result of the generation gap. This leads to friction between the parents and children, often resulting in drastic outcomes. Obesity usually attacks the children as they spend hours playing online gaming. Their eyes become weak. Their mind turns into a pressure cooker. At this situation, they are unable to handle the pressure of academic studies.

I believe that one must try to focus on his ultimate aim rather than being deviated by the online games. These games should be used as refreshers. One must use them to relieve anxiety rather than to gain it. Ultimately these games are a perfect combination of science and technology. It depends on their utility, the way you are using them will decide whether they will benefit you or not. So the power of utility is in your hands. Use it in the right way….

By: Lakshay Rajput

School: Gyan Mandir Public School

Class: 10th