All About Sports Journalism

Editorials News | Jun-28-2019

All About Sports Journalism

Journalism has been one of the most vital elements of our society and has penetrated deeply in many beats. There are many types of journalism and news related to various beats like Political, National, and International, sports, fashion, entertainment are surfing all over the media world. By the name sports journalism it is very much clear that it is a form of writing that incorporates reports and news on sporting topics. Sporting topics like upcoming events, news related to famous sports celebrities, cricket news, world cup, athletes and many more all are covered in sports journalism.
Various countries focus more on sports news that are popular in their own country. One can witness that now more and more number of media channels are reporting on events related to sports. If one is willing to go in journalism field and has that zeal and interest for sports, one must definitely go for sports journalism.
Thinking what one needs to do for getting into this field. Here is the answer, the first and foremost step is to get a degree in journalism or similar field. Other than the degree, one needs to have a keen interest and complete knowledge of the sports sector. Along with these good communication skills both verbal and written is another aspect that one needs to possess. Sports journalism is also a very challenging and demanding job to do. It is not monotonous and boring like normal professions and it is ideal for people who can give their best under pressure. From getting by-lines for the articles you have written to getting a chance to meet your favourite sports celebrity or even interviewing him/ her are all the perks of getting into sports journalism.
Along with all these perks there are some drawbacks too. If you are a person who is looking for a 9 to 5 job this is not a place for you, as journalism requires working for unsociable hours, you might also end up working on holidays. Also the starting structure of your pay scale is also less as compared to other fields. However sports journalism plays a pivotal role in the media world and has grabbed a lot of attention in recent years.

By: Prerana Sharma

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