An Edtech Platform Developed for ‘Gujju Students’ By A 16-Year-Old Boy From Surat

Editorials News | Apr-04-2019

An Edtech Platform Developed for ‘Gujju Students’ By A 16-Year-Old Boy From Surat

In our childhood, the days would mostly go by attending school, lazing around, or just playing. For most of us, running a business was the last thing on our mind at that age. But for a student of Bhulka Bhavan School based in Surat, Gujarat, Hitarth Sheth, the spirit of entrepreneurship caught up in an early age.

As a student studying in grade 9, he observed that many of his fellow mates would go to diverse websites online looking for study materials for their Board exams. To eliminate confusion, they would collect different information from different websites for notes.

To relieve them from all this hustle, he thought of a simple solution to solve their problem. That is how Gujju Student was established in September 2017.

This one stop solution is an edtech platform made for the students of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board (GSEB). Gujju Student brings a platform comprising textbooks, videos, and MCQs from classes one to twelve based on the latest GSEB syllabus. Under the education category, the app won a Global Entrepreneurship Week, Surat, award in 2017.

Testimony to the usefulness of the app, a student of Bhulka Bhavan, 15-year old Meet S said that when in transit, the app comes handy as well as the videos are engaging. While preparing for his boards, the notes were very helpful for him.

One-stop solution

Talking about the lack of resources before Gujju Student, Hitarth said, “As a Gujarati Medium student in Class 9, I didn’t have many online learning resources.”

Missing the school brought a huge difficulty to him. He would have to request teachers for extra sessions. Hence, he began referencing the study materials on the government websites.

A candidate and panellist of Ashoka India’s Youth Venture Programme, Hitarth would often travel to Bengaluru, and found it difficult to keep up with the lessons.

To overcome the difficulty involved, he sorted all the relevant materials in place, once found, and created a reference app.

Once the app started showing potential growth, Hitarth started creating study-related videos for Class 10 and 12 students with the help of his teachers.

This year, from January, the app also includes quizzes for students taking up Board exams.

He worked as a one-man army, taking help only from a website-builder for Gujju Student. Other than that, the rest of the app and content is developed by Hitarth, himself. To deal with app bugs and errors, he relies on online forums and YouTube.

By: Preeti Narula