Ancient DNA Reveled Unidentified Bison-Cattle Species

Editorials News | Oct-25-2016

Ancient DNA Reveled Unidentified Bison-Cattle Species

The scientists have discovered a new species with the help of an ancient DNA. The new species have been named as ‘Higgs Bison’ by the researchers, which is likely to be a hybrid of Bison-Cattle.

The species is being discovered by an international team of researchers. The researchers said that the species has been identified in more than 15,000 years old cave paintings. As per the study, the existence of the Higgs Boson was marked in 2012 in spite of being guessed of existence since 1960.

The scientists stated that the species has been originated over 120,000 years ago, are the ancestors of current cattle. The mysterious bison species was first discovered by a Professor, at the University of California Beth Shapiro along with Alan Cooper in 2001.

The current research of ‘Higgs Bison’ has also led by Alan Cooper, said the scientists. The scientists have added that the ancient cave paintings have shown the existence of two bison kinds. The researchers said that Bison’s species used to carry small humps and small horns.

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