Aptitude Test Introduced By CBSE Board to Help Students

Editorials News | Feb-03-2019

Aptitude Test Introduced By CBSE Board to Help Students

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) took an initiative to help the students so as to make appropriate choices of career, it has recently developed a series of aptitude tests both for Class 9 and 10. The board declared its approach through an official circular on January 10. It thus reads as, ‘Know Your Aptitude (KYA) that is initiated to help the students so as to understand their limitations and strengths before choosing out the way on their career choices which are very important.

Through the test it would also help the school administrators,parents and teachers to access the strength of student and extend their support to the very particular good or weak student while making any kind of decisions related to their careers.’The aptitude test has ben is developed on the demand of CBSE by National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) and can be monitored by the respective teachers at their schools. Schools to start need to download the test manual, guides,answer sheetsandtest booklet, which is now available on official CBSE website from January 29, 2019.Students from 29.01.2019 can take the aptitude test on a day that is fixed by the school. After students undergoes the test, the teachers had to evaluate their performance which is solely on the basis of the score in the aptitude tests as per the guidelines issued by the board. Schools can now send a report to parents and authorities on how the test was taken place but not compulsorily have to share any student details of performance with the board. The board also explained that the test is completely voluntary on the choice of school, parents and students.Schools are of the view that this initiative will benefit the students all around. Moreover Schools that were using the method in the past will now onwards have not to render expenses for the aptitude tests from the organizing private agencies and students may also find it easy. It is relevant to say that over the last few years, some state education departmentstook an initiative and thus conducting aptitude test named ‘kalchachani’ so as to help their state students to select their careers options after going through their board exams. From the current academic year 2018-19, schools will be using the smartphone application while so far now, the aptitude tests were only administered online in the school computers for the process.

By: AnujaArora

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