Archaeologists Found Viking Army Camp in England

Editorials News | May-22-2017

Archaeologists Found Viking Army Camp in England

Archaeologists have discovered a huge camp which was home to thousands of Vikings as they prepared to conquer England in the late ninth century. The research was conducted by a archaeologists’ team led by Professor Dawn Hadley at the Universities of Sheffield and York.

The researchers stated that the camps were established in Torksey on the banks of the River Trent in Lincolnshire. As per the findings, the camps were used as the Vikings' self-protective and strategic position during the months of winter.

The archaeologists discovered how the camp was used by thousands of Viking warriors, women and children who lived there temporarily in tented accommodation. Additionally, many activities such as repair ships meltdown stolen loot, manufacture, trade and play games used to happen at the site, stated the researchers.

Professor Dawn stated that The Vikings' camp at Torksey was much more than just a bunch of hardy warriors. He also added that this was a huge base, larger than most contemporary towns, complete with traders, families, feasting, and entertainment.


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