Artificial Intelligence : Eliciting Empathy

Editorials News | Dec-16-2019

Artificial Intelligence : Eliciting Empathy

Artificial Intelligence means the intelligence of machines but it is in contrast to the natural intelligence of both humans and animals. With Artificial Intelligence, machines perform functions such as learning, planning, reasoning and problem-solving Artificial Intelligence is the replica of human intelligence through machines. It is probably the fastest-growing development in the World of technology and innovation. Furthermore, many experts believe AI could solve major challenges and crisis situations.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

First of all, AI has significant use in healthcare. Companies are trying to develop technologies for quick diagnosis. Artificial Intelligence would efficiently operate on patients without human supervision. Such technological surgeries are already taking place. Another excellent healthcare technology is IBM Watson.

Artificial Intelligence in commercial world would significantly save time and effort. There is also an application of robotic automation to human business tasks. Furthermore, Machine learning algorithms help in better serving customers. Chatbots provide immediate response and service to customers.

AI can also greatly increase the rate of work in manufacturing. Manufacture of a huge number of products can take place with support of AI. Furthermore, the entire production process can take place without human intervention. Hence a good amount of time and labour can be saved through this.

Artificial Intelligence has applications in various other fields. These fields can be military, law, video games, government, finance, automotive, audit, art, etc. Hence, it’s clear that AI has a massive amount of different applications.

To sum it up, Artificial Intelligence looks all set to be the future of the World. Experts believe that AI would certainly become an important part and parcel of human life soon. AI would completely change the way we view our World. With Artificial Intelligence, the future seems intriguing and exciting.

By: Saksham Gupta