Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Modern Day Parenting

Editorials News | Apr-04-2018

Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Modern Day Parenting

Parenting is not just a responsibility but also an act to be performed with utmost care and concern. Nowadays, in the modern lifestyle, young parents need advice especially pertaining to parenting time and again. Most of the young mothers are often seen turning to google for such advices. In this tech savy India, the best resolution for such concerns is user friendly mobile based application harnessing Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and analytics. Two such startups have come up in Bengaluru. The Android app, Parentlane, provides guidance to parents on the development of a child from birth to 8 years. It keeps a track of complete growth across various categories, like learning skills, social & emotional development, speech & language skills, motor skills, health & wellness, and eye-hand coordination. It provides solution to the young parents and their problems. The app has also added a new feature called GrowthCheck. It is a baby development tracker. Parentlane can be used free of cost for 3 months initially. Another tool Parentof, integrates public and private data to make parenting smarter. Parentof also has its app called Mia, which targets on age 3 to 16. More and more parents are signing up to these apps. These apps are also trying to collaborate with various educational institutions in Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Chennai. These two apps focussing different age groups consist of various features such as real time help and advice, mobile phone based tracking, digital profiles of the child, kid recipes and serves as the best solution for modern day parenting.

By: Anuja Arora