Awakening Dormant Traits of Innovation and Cultivating Them

Editorials News | Oct-31-2017

Awakening Dormant Traits of Innovation and Cultivating Them

We don’t have a need to try to create innovative traits in the individual rather we simply need to show them how we can cultivate that innovative thought. Education does not play any role in creating innovative traits in individuals. But education may improve the individuals’ ability to utilize the traits they already possess.

The new research paper has explored the raised questions i.e. what innovation is and how it can be cultivated. The research paper was able to explore the potential for fostering innovation in students in the very new issue of Technology and Innovation. This new issue is a part of Journal of the National Academy of Inventors. The paper’s lead author Victor Poirier of the Institute for Advanced Discovery & Innovation at the University of South Florida said that relatively little has been known about how we can cultivate innovative thinking. Victor added that even less is known about how they can help individuals to use and improve their innovative powers.

By: Bhavna Sharma



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