Awesome Games that Kids Played in the 90’s

Editorials News | Mar-11-2018

Awesome Games that Kids Played in the 90’s

Kids playing with phones are a common sight these days. While children these days are busy shooting virtual Angry birds on their computer or mobile screens or shooting an Enemy in call of duty. It might seem like a crazy idea to draw boxes on the ground with a chalk and hop into the boxes. However, those who grew up in the 90’s without the smartphones will often reminisce how their days revolved around a gamut of fun games. All the neighborhood children would gather after school for hours of unadulterated fun and physical activities.


A kid version of Baseball game which required a good big group to make into teams and chase the ball through the first base, the second base and run like your life depended on it for home run while the team would scream at the top of their lungs.

Duck Duck Goose

Kids would sit around in a circle, their eyes closed to get tapped on the head as the person would repeat ‘Duck Duck Duck Goose’! Whoever got tapped had to run top speed and reclaim his position in the circle. No one wanted to be the Goose.

There were other games like, What time is it Mr. Wolf?  Stuck in the Mud, Musical Chairs, Passing the Parcel, Hide and Seek, Dodge Ball, Hopscotch, Kerbs, Knock a Dolly, Chinese Whispers, Red Rover, Skipping the Rope, Capture the Flag, Fire in the Mountain, Sister Sister Help Me and so on.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena