Basketball- An Upcoming Sport in India.

Editorials News | Jan-20-2018

Basketball- An Upcoming Sport in India.

Kelvin Martin, former NBA (National Basketball Association) star, is on his India tour. He found out that India has lot of capable players of basketball and this is also an upcoming sport. This country has a lot of potential and NBA is also helping sport to grow in the country.

As basketball is growing slowly in the country, it needs a player in the league with whom youngsters can inspire from. Though, there were some players like Satnam Singh and Amjyot Singh (played in NBA G-league), but India needs a player who stays in this sport for a longer time.   He said that NBA has brought up people from countries like China, Africa and Philippines who wanted to play basketball and was good in it, so now it is the time for Indian players to come up and excel in this sport. He is really hoping to get a change in the country in next 10 years. He thinks that India’s more concentration is on academics, but if sports come up equally, children can show their potential. This will change the landscape of sports in India.

Martin sighed off by saying that the changes are going to come in this country in another 20 years. NBA academy is trying to make this game popular in India.

By: Srishti Sharma