Beating the Heat by Ecological Air Conditioning

Editorials News | Nov-28-2017

Beating the Heat by Ecological Air Conditioning

The plants and animals get great help from the Nature in resisting heat stress to deal with the climate change.  Nature itself can protect themselves against climate change for various species in the short term. With the increase in the temperature of climate or global warming the heat stress also increases. These changes reflect that there is a need of re-evaluating the climate change forecasting.

As the temperature increases the species who cannot survive in that condition, migrate to other continent. The new research is focussed on low tides in California's Channel Islands where low tides expose marine species to acute heat of temperature. It also affects the habitats like grasslands and rainforests that is the support system for a number of smaller species. It is found that trees support birds and other species like mussels to form domain for other coastal species. Trees can minimize the temperature for the other species and make the space very comfortable for them to live. It makes the species to beat the heat stress.

Ecological Air Conditioning also works well for the species that have less time to adapt with the frequently changing weather. It has been observed that some of the plants and animals under climate change are departing from lower latitudes in search of cooler space. It is very important for making the body temperature survivable in the habitat.


By- Anita Aishvarya