Bees Can Learn Skills Too

Editorials News | Oct-17-2016

Bees Can Learn Skills Too

According to the Queen Mary University of London, bees can also have a learning capacity. The researchers did an experiment, through which they observed that insects can transfer skills through generations.

According to the study animals including insects have more capacity to spread and pass on cultures than humans. Not only this, the scientists in Britain have tried to teach bumble bees how to collect food and then pass on the technique. Additionally, as per the evidence collected by the scientists, bees have showed excellent learning capacity despite of tinny brains. The insects collect skills and knowledge and then spread it among other in their colony.

During the research the scientists managed to train 23 bees out of 40, where scientists have attached a thread to discs. Currently the entire team of scientists is working on the research for further information stated the analysts. According to the scientists, learning about the bees’ adapting skills and spreading it among generations is their ultimate goal.


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