Benefits Of Having A Pet

Editorials News | Jul-16-2021

Benefits Of Having A Pet

A cute furry friend to play with and spend time with is what we all desire. Whether it is a dog, cat, or bunny, animals; especially pet animals have our hearts! We consider people who have pets ‘lucky’ as most parents don’t allow their kids to have a pet. Did you know that there are even some advantages of having pets? Well yes, there are! Some of them include:

1) A fun way to stay fit

Mostly all pets need to go outdoors on regular basis. This can give lazy owners and also active ones to go out and have a game or walk with their pet. This in turn can be good for your health and can help maintain a routine to stay fit.

2) A good way to socialize

Gardens and parks have several like-minded people with their kids, pets, and similar interests. Having a pet can make it a way easier for you to socialize. Pet owners can socialize while the animals are enjoying their freedom.

3) Prevents depression, anxiety, and loneliness

What can be better than a cute furry friend to cuddle with after a mental breakdown? Also, pet owners tend to have lower blood pressure and loneliness levels as compared to people who don’t own pets.

4) Makes you responsible

Having a pet is fun but not as easy as it seems job. It can be compared to having a toddler to take care of. Feeding, playing, cleaning, sleeping everything has to be done. Thus, it requires responsibility. It might also help you in becoming more responsible but don’t just get a pet to show off and play when in the mood. It has life and will require your time; it won’t see your mood.

By: Toshani Mehra

Delhi Public School, Greater Noida