Best Ways to Start a Class Room Session

Editorials News | Sep-16-2018

Best Ways to Start a Class Room Session

Teachers have a major role to play in a student’s life. Be it a school teacher, or a college lecturer. How much a child perceives and learns depends upon the teacher to a great extent. Some teachers opt for the traditional rules of teaching whereas a few believe in adopting the modern student friendly techniques. Teachers have to be more friendly and innovative in the classrooms. Teachers take up techniques like playing games, making presentations, and organising interactive sessions to grab the attention of others. Well, a teacher has to strike a balance between conducting these sessions and efficiently meeting the academic targets. Some of the interesting ways to start the class are as follows:

1. With A Team-Building Game – This helps in inculcating the team spirit among the students. They learn adjustment with others in a better way.

2. 60 Second Talk - Students learn how to interact with people around and it improves their expression of thought.

3. With A Ridiculous Debate – It helps the children in improving their argument skills in a fun away.

4. With A Smart Tweet – In the world of social media, students learn better with the use of a social media platform.

5. With Silence – Sometimes maintaining silence is the best. It helps inculcate listening skills in children and increases their patience.

6. Meditation – It helps them improve their concentration skills.

7. With A YouTube Video – Children are able to relate themselves more and learn better through videos.

8. With A Personal Story – Personal stories teach a big lesson at times.

9. By Reading To Them – Reading is always a good therapy. At times reading out to the students something related to movies, games or anything of their interest is a great option.

10. With Instagram – May be discussing a random pic helps the students to relate more.

By: Anuja Arora