Beware! Exposure to Ozone Can Cause Cardiovascular Diseases

Editorials News | Aug-10-2017

Beware! Exposure to Ozone Can Cause Cardiovascular Diseases

A new study of Chinese adults came across the risks involved in health changes due to exposure towards ozone. Ozone pollution can lead to impaired lung function that can cause cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. The study was performed on 89 healthy adults residing in Changsha City for one year.

The people showed blood platelet activation and an increase in blood pressure. It suggested a possible procedure by which ozone may affect cardiovascular health. A team from Duke University, Tsinghua University, Duke Kunshan University and Peking University produced all these findings. It got published in the July 17, 2017 edition of JAMA Internal Medicine. Ozone is a pollutant. It is formed by the process involving chemical reaction that occurs when sunlight interacts with nitrogen oxides and other organic compounds. The oxides and compounds are generated by coal-burning, vehicle exhaust and some natural sources.

The author of this study, Junfeng (Jim) Zhang, from Duke and Duke Kunshan University said that ozone can damage respiratory system, reduce lung function and cause asthma attacks.

By: Bhavna Sharma