Black Holes At The Center Of Universe Might Be Sending Waves Across Universe

According to a new study, swirling black holes in the universe's centre could be sending out the gravitational waves. Researchers also made a major breakthrough when they spotted wobbles in fabric of the universe called the gravitational waves in 2015, something Einstein had predicted a century before. The phenomenon remains puzzling though. Researchers are working on finding out where these gravitational waves come from. This revelation can unfold the secrets of the universe itself.

 When the waves were spotted in 2015, researchers knew that they were coming out of black holes, which swirled around each other and merged. These waves are pretty common and scientists hope to see more like these in future. But, the scientists are still trying to figure out how these binary systems have actually come together. Now, a new paper has suggested that the strange conditions that is needed to make binary system of this kind possible is the result of black hole that is present in the centre of galaxies. A massive black hole like this can cause a very high gravitational field and extreme physics, which can cause separation of the stars at times - but not always. Sometimes, these black holes can get distorted and are forced to come together in a binary system much sooner than you would expect. These will further send out the gravitational waves that can be seen as ripples on the Earth.


By: Neha Maheshwari



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