Blow Your Mind With Some Mouth Watering Cuisines!

Britain may be an excellent spot for trying food from round the world with people becoming more adventurous in their tastes over the years and eager to recreate their holiday memories. Good Food is usually keen to sample new, international flavours and artistic dishes that exploit the simplest produce of various countries and regions. Check out our list of the ten most up-and-coming world cuisines.
South American
Many people are venturing further than the standard holiday destinations and exploring South America. Here, steel one against fresh hot sauces, spices and mouth watering meat dishes. Looking for a delicate starter? Try Peruvian ceviche, which is cured raw fish in wafer-thin slices. If you would like something hot and hearty during a pastry parcel, Argentinean empanadas crammed with meat, cheese or veggies make a filling snack or main meal.
South Indian
Goan, Sri Lankan and Keralan food has its moment within the spotlight with hoppers making their way into street-food stalls and fine dining restaurants alike. South India is emerging as a hotspot for travellers with culture and world heritage on their minds and therefore the traditional dishes on offer are a true feast for the senses. For a sharing meal, try a plate of coconut-laced hoppers (thin pancakes with crisp, golden edges) that accompany an entire host of fillings.
Southeast Asian
Laotian, Taiwanese and Vietnamese are just a couple of samples of cuisines that are establishing themselves in major cities round the world. We love the series of incisive spices, earthy flavours and also fresh, zingy marinades and the tasty sauces. Our Asians from Southeast are inspired from sesame-crusted fish dish and have the characteristic heat from ginger and the chilli oil along with savoury miso paste and fresh vegetables. We love a fragrant laksa soup and a few light paper spring rolls for a starter, too.

By: Saksham Gupta