Brood VI Will Be Seen After 17 Years

Editorials News | Jun-17-2017

Brood VI Will Be Seen After 17 Years

Cicadas appear usually in summers. The darker, red – eyed cousins of cicadas will appear after 17 years this summer. These are known as periodical cicadas. These are longest lived in North America and can be detected only in eastern half of the United States.

Their buzzing sound can be traced between the months of May and June and it depends on the specie that whether the cycle will be of 13 years or 17 years. They happily live near trees, hatch and grow as nymphs in an underground base.  The sap of tree roots is food for them. The time when they are underground, nymphs molt themselves through five growth cycles known as instars.

According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, nymphs metamorphose into winged adults when at a soil depth of 8 inches; they receive a ground temperature of 64 degrees Fahrenheit.


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