Cat vs Dog, Which one is the smartest?

Cat or Dog? Which one do you believe is the smartest? The war between the two species has been going on for a really long time.

At one place the feline lovers say that cat’s possess the quality of self-reliance which is a sign of intelligence. Other than this, cats can clean and tidy them up and are better than dogs when it comes to food portion control.

Fellow dog lovers argue that dogs have the ability to learn complicated tasks to help the humans. Dogs are also able to guide the visually impaired, herd livestock and sniff our explosives.

While both have their particular good qualities, the intelligence of any species depends upon the number of neurons in their central nervous system. According to this, we have found that dogs are more intelligent than cats.

So hurray dog lovers! Rejoice because you won the war.

By-Srishti Anand



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